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Glamour Press On Nails

Glamour Press On Nails

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24 Piece Coffin Shape Press On Nails



Clean your nails

Choose the suitable size jelly glue

Put the jelly glue on the nail


Press the jelly glue firmly Choose the right size

and sticky nails

Press for 5-10 seconds

  1. Trim and gently file the nails surface. Keep the nails clean and dry.
  2. Choose the best fitting NAILS and the right size jelly glue.
  3. Apply the jelly glue to your nail and tear off the plastic layer.
  4. Put NAILS at 45° from the top of nail and press it down. Hold it for 8 seconds.
  5. Polish the edges of nails if necessary.
  6. Do not have any contact with water within 2 hours.